Dealing with Insecurity About Money/Business

Hi Brooke,
A year ago, I quit my full-time job to pursue my dream of creating my own business. Ever since then, I’ve been working to grow and monetize my own blog. My goal is to monetize my blog into a successful/thriving business. (To get an idea, my impossible goal is to generate $100,000 in revenue each month from my blog.)

Currently, I’m not making any money from the blog. However, I have a part-time job teaching online where I’m making about $1500 per month. I’m 23 (single & no kids) and I’m living with my parents, so I don’t have to worry about rent, food, or costly expenses. Technically, money isn’t really an issue and I have a cushion of savings in my bank account.

However, despite my current circumstances, I often feel insecure about the money that I’m currently making and sometimes I feel like I went backward in my life. I was working a full-time, salaried job, and now my income was reduced by 65%. I can’t afford to live on my own or buy a house and that makes me feel insecure about where I am in my life (23 years old & still living at home, etc..)

This same insecurity is affecting other areas of my life because since I feel insecure about where I am in my life right now & how much money I’m making, I get intimidated to date successful & financially secure guys, I try to avoid social situations and mingling, I avoid giving old co-workers specifics of my business, and the question “What do you do?” has become the most dreaded question for me…I feel insecure saying that I’m a part-time teacher/blogger. I feel more like a wantrepreneur because I’m not getting the results (i.e. the money) that I expect to be making.

Since this insecurity is affecting my confidence in other areas of my life (socially, dating, networking, etc.), I’m having trouble isolating the thought that’s causing the ripple effect of insecurity.

How can I deal with the insecurity that I’m creating for myself so that I can feel confident and proud of my decision to pursue a business instead of feeling insecure and ashamed?

As soon as you send out the email for tomorrow’s coaching call, I will respond to that email so we can hopefully do a live coaching session tomorrow! I’ve been working on analyzing my different thoughts and trying to plug it into the model.

Hopefully, we get to chat tomorrow! Until then, your advice and wisdom are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!