Dealing with jealousy and scarcity thoughts

Hi coaches,
I recently shared about lifecoachschool podcast with a friend and immediately regretted it for I was jealous that she would become more successful listening to Brooke
My thoughts were
She is already successful and everything comes easy for her , and I now I shared my little secret .
She is going to surpass me
I shouldn’t have talked about self coaching
I did share about Brooke to my other friends who I consider are less successful than me so it’s ok to help them

My unintentional model
C – shared with friend about Brooke
T – only I must be successful and not her
F – scarcity
A – beat myself up for sharing . Stuck in thought loop imagining how much more successful she would be .
R – I take actions that doesn’t produce my success ( is this right ?)

I have been struggling with jealousy all my life.
I learn from Brooke that life is not a zero sum game and we can make the pie bigger and get a piece of it . I also work on creating thoughts from abundance mentality

What are other ways to work in this issue ? What are some new thoughts to practice? What would be a good intentional model?