Dealing with misogyny

Hi, I have problems dealing with men in my life. I work in engineering and my workplace is very male-dominated and very often I am confronted with open or covert froms of misogyny. As an example, there will be jokes about me or other women being on out periods when we complain about circumstances or when we are angry with other people in the group. Or when I raise a work related problem like “we can’t do it like this because …” nobody listens until they have tried and done it and see for themselves that it doesn’t work. I see that there is not much I can do about the way these people think but I have been getting this same crap for years and years and I am genuinely tired of it. I don’t want to tolerate it by not saying anything, but at the same time when I do point it out I already have so much contempt and disgust for these men that “pointing it out” becomes viciously attacking them. I have always felt very strongly about these issues but since working in that place, I am so angry that I literally cannot have a respectful conversation about it with almost anyone. It’s also affecting my private life now because my brother and my dad have quite a conservative view of women as well and it has become impossible for me to tolerate it and not lash out at them when they say something that I consider sexist. Because of that I am starting to have a strong feeling of disconnection with basically all male individuals in my life including my family and my partner. I don’t know what to do.