Dealing with overeating for someone not overweight

Where would you recommend someone start with overeating if they are already close to goal weight? I generally eat healthy foods, work out a lot (I enjoy exercise) and am only 2-3 pounds over my goal/ideal weight but I still have an over-desire for food, emotional eating and an over-focus on food. I basically keep losing and gaining the same 5 pounds as I commit to eating healthy/not overeating and subsequently give up on the commitment in an endless cycle. This brings with it a lot of thoughts about food, focus on what/how to eat and a feeling of being out of control and unable to do what I decide to do. I don’t think that I need to make drastic diet changes because I don’t have much weight to lose but am not sure the best way to break this cycle and finally be free of all the food drama.
Thanks in advance for your help!