Dealing with real criticism

I am becoming more prominent in my field, am set to publish my first book in September and dream of a professional public speaking career inspiring and empowering women to live their best healthiest and most joyful lives. I have realized that the more you put yourself out there, the more you become vulnerable to criticism. In the past few months some people and entities I really respect have told me (about different things) that I am “unethical”, “spreading myths and lies” and most recently today, a TEDx talk I gave in my hometown was flagged on YouTube by TED as not complying with guidelines (Even though it met all TED criteria and was approved by the local TedX committee who heard the talk at least 5 times before I gave it). These events have been very emotionally impactful and I have tried my best to process my feelings, do my thought work, feel the real emotions and move on to live my dream. However, I am starting to feel like maybe I am bad or that there is something wrong with me or that it would be easier to quit and not deal with the criticism. I also have this thought that this happening because I have recently set a goal to be earning 1 million dollars per year in 5 years. I feel that I can do it, but part of me still feels (because I am a physician and in a service profession) that wanting money to help people is greedy and selfish and so I deserve this because I have a conflict of interest. What is the best way to process real (not imagined) criticism when I will most certainly be even more exposed in the future? I’m feeling very scared! Thank you for your help!