Dealing with the emotions

Hi coach. It’s been several days that I drag a feeling of melancholy. I feel guilty for not taking good care of my children. I am frustrated and angry that I have to do this. I do not want to. I want to devote myself to myself. To get better. To take care of my impossible goal, which is to spend time working and taking good care of my clients.

I feel torn between my role as a mother and my desire to be fully a business leader. As a result, I feel totally frustrated and I am not doing anything right on both sides. I am no longer able to take care of my children, nor to take care of my business.

I don’t program anything anymore, I eat to forget! I endure my life rather than create it. Making a schedule overwhelms me with negative emotions.

However, I know that to regain control I need to be organized. I am stuck. I start things and give up during the day. I hate to do this. I feel like I’m going back. I need to hit the pause button and figure it out but the kids are there and so are the clients and I find myself overwhelmed by thoughts that make me feel drowned again.

I have a hard time dealing with the emotions of the moment (frustration, guilt, overwhelmed, discouragement). How do I deal with them one by one so as not to feel totally overwhelmed?