Dealing with urges

I am new to scholars and have committed to a no sugar and flour protocol this month. I have dealt woth multiple urges and have been able to recognize that they are usually not about food, which is very exciting. As soon as I identify which emotion I’m feeling, the craving goes away. Today, however, I am having an extra hard time with this urge. I have done multiple thought downloads, models, and meditated but my toddler brain is still throwing a tantrum. I’m trying very hard to be present and not resistant to the urge, but I feel as though I might cave and give in. I keep thinking I don’t want to undo my progress and give in (this would be the first time) but it is WAY more difficult today.

Any thoughts on why this urge might be extra strong or hard to shake?
Is listening to Q&A audios a good way to put my mind back in place or does that count as a distraction?
Do you recommend I do something differently in the future to manage this type of urge?