Deanna’s question regarding urges

Hi Brooke!

I think I caught on to something and I thought I’d run it by you to check that my slippery brain isn’t making stuff up. Urges versus buffering. Urges are my body expecting/wanting food due to habit… its an involuntary response. Examples: Done with Zumba class… not hungery, drive home… not hungery, talk to neighbor when I get home… not hungery, BUT walk in the house… salivate. Out doing errands I pass many fast food joints… not hungery, pass the one I used to go to… salivate. At the store buying protocol food… not hungery, pass the chip aisle… salivate. If I don’t respond to the urge it will disapate over time. I need to be aware it is an urge so I don’t create a store to justify the responding to it. This is different than buffering which we all know is something we do to not feel a feeling. I have buffered with food, computer games, books, Netflix, alcohol, confusion, overwhelm, anything and everything. I have lots of thought work and models to do. 😳 But that buffering I’ve done with food has created habits that I have a Pavlovian response to. I feel like I’ve just cut the amount of buffering I’m doing (Bad, Deanna… stop buffering!) in half. Not all of it is a thought error some is just an urge.
Does this make sense?
— Deanna ✨ I get to amaze myself by accomplishing things I previously thought I couldn’t. ✨