Dear Brooke,

This is not a question… but, the end of August is a very long time from now.

I am over-the-moon excited about my (our) Coach Certification program! I can’t wait to officially get started.

I have an unfair advantage in being familiar with you… and so to not become creepy in any way, I would just say that we are going to have an awesome and amazingly radical partnership. I am looking forward to you having a chance to get to know me! I’m the Emily who is a career Chief Executive Assistant that you coached live on a SCS money call… and there is much more to me than that! We are going to have some amazing work to do together and honestly, if we could start tomorrow – I would be on a plane to Dallas to get it done! A bit over the top, perhaps, but I feel certain you will agree when we have gotten to know one another.

Before our radical partnership begins, I would like to say:

1) Thank you for access to SCS when I put down my deposit in January. I’ve been doing all the homework and my life continues to exponentially transform as I evolve to my most exceptional me!

2) Thank you for magically having each of the SCS monthly topics be PRECISELY the work that I personally have needed as I prepare to launch my coaching business!

3) Thank you for giving access in SCS to the Stop Over-Eating Program. I no longer use overeating or dieting as a way to punish myself. Yes – that is right. LIFE ALTERING – COMPLETELY TRANSFORMATIVE figuratively and literally… I’ve lost 50lbs!

4) Thank you for hosting the Podcast Live event in May! I had already committed to become certified and wanted to go witness more about your business operations — yes, I am studying what you do!– and to continue my personal growth… plus, the more exposure to The Model, the better. My life changed that weekend and I left with some very powerful take-aways, like:
** Ask the more powerful questions
** Ask, “How is this perfect for me?”
** Lastly, after I volunteered to be coached live in a breakout session, Erica pulled me aside and just cut to my heart… speaking The Truth to me as she was speaking from the same place of hurt where she had previously lived with her eating habits. It was pure beauty. (I had introduced myself to her earlier during the 2 days, so she was familiar with me before pulling me aside like that.) It was AWESOME and POWER-FULL!

5) Thank you for your inspiration and the example you have provided to me from the moment I accidentally found your podcast while searching for self-help podcasts nearly 2 years ago as I researched how I wanted to commemorate my 20th sobriety anniversary! I am committed to launching an online coaching practice by which I can serve the Support Professionals of the CEO. I am super passionate and so elated to have finally stopped the indecision and locked in on how I can use my 20 years of experience as the right hand person to the ownership and leaders of a Fortune 50 company, an NFL professional sports team and a full-service Advertising/Idea company.

So, in close… I am excited. Did I convey that already? I’ve been sitting on sending a note to you like this since the Podcast Live event. Just decided to DARE MYSELF to send it! And, I did it.

Looking forward to the future! Are you ready?!

Emily Claver