Debt accumulated over the last few years and do I tell husband?

I’ve accumulated about $40k in debt over the last few years. Most of this was to bridge the gap in our expenses as we transitioned from different jobs and some unemployment, I built a side business and also moved countries and set up in a new one.

My husband knows there is debt but he has no idea how much it is and doesn’t ask. It really stresses me out that I feel I am hiding something. I pay for the debt out of the money that my side business generates but it’s not (YET) bringing it down. I also work full time of which this money helps to support our household and family. I am working very hard right now to scale my business so that the debt can be paid off this year. I have planned that when I am earning more with the side business and have made some progress in paying that then I will tell him about it, if it comes up. I sense it is the best way. I feel shame around the debt and I literally think it’s just of fear of his reaction. He was very true in saying we should have left the last country we lived in and I did not agree, which is why the debt accumulated. I’ve told him since that he was right and I should not have fought him on it.

Would love coaching on this situation. I want to feel comfortable with it so scarcity does not rule my day. Thank you!