Debt Question

I decided to quit my job, the same week we decided to renovate the kitchen. Both are decisions we made intentionally and have thought about.

Then I seen the new experience Brooke is offering and I want to sign up but my brain is putting on the brakes.

I woke up this morning in such a worry about my money. The facts are after purchasing the kitchen renovation we have 20k in debt and 150k in our accounts (40 cash, 110 invested). I would have 25k debt if I chose to join the experience. I think my brain is freaking out because if I didn’t purchase those items I wouldn’t have any debt as I quit my job.

Here is my unintentional model.

C 25k on credit line
T I am such an idiot for wanting to purchase the kitchen and experience because if I didn’t want to do those things we wouldn’t have any debt right now.
F Ashamed
A spend hours looking at bank accounts and what predictions will be coming in. Trying to think of how to pay off or how to spend. Then ruminate on what if’s. Don’t – do my planned workout, pay attention to my family, clean my house, plan for the company and my time when I will be home from work, don’t get excited for the kitchen and new course thinking about what reinvention I want to do.
R I keep acting like an idiot? Or doing things that makes me feel like an idiot?

C 25k on credit line
T it was worth every penny
F confident
A sit down and make a payment plan that is easy and allows for saving and spending. Assist my husband in prepping for the kitchen, think and dream about the new course and what I will get out of it and how I will guarantee this is the best investment I’ve made. Spend my Sunday with my family, so proud and excited I am quitting my job and think of what’s to come.
R I create a life that I enjoy and is worth every investment

Any tips on my models?