December or Stop Overeating?

December is my 2nd month in Scholars.
So I was beginning to think hard about an impossible goal for next year. It seemed obvious to me that it was either a weight loss goal or a business/revenue goal, and I was really trying to rationalize it being both of them.
Then this morning I got the results from some recent bloodwork and found out that my cholesterol is very high. Coming from a family tree filled with heart disease and strokes, this was alarming and compelling news.
It seems that the weight loss is the obvious answer for next year, and I believe that the health problem can be rectified with weight loss and exercise. I sat tonight and watched about half of the videos for SO, and I’m totally scared to death. (That it will suck, that I won’t do it, that I will miss out on so much or really that I’ll mess up the enjoyment that my husband and family has around food.) But I’m also scared of having a stroke.
I also am reluctant to let go of the business goal. I want and need to grow the business.
But I came out of the doctor’s office this morning very clear on what needs to be a priority.
So I would like your thoughts and guidance on this. And practically, (being new to Scholars) how would I proceed if the weight loss is the primary goal and focus right now – would I set aside the monthly work and simply do SO?
Thank you.