^December work

Dear Brooke

I got an email yesterday saying my membership was cancelled. I knew that meant I couldn’t get back in for a year. I was interested to note how much that upset me.

Turned out it was just a payment fail, and the marvellous Kim sorted me out, even though I’m pretty sure it was the middle of her night.

Anyway, just to say I am loving your December workbook. I have just spewed forth a gigantic pile of doubts and negativity and my future self breezed through them.

I have no idea how to make all this work. But it sounds like I’ll have a blast finding out. Lining up some epic fails as we speak.

I’m on day 2 no buffering. See if we can push that to 3!!!

Thanks for all your work, which resonates with me very strongly and cuts through my BS very effectively.