I have found myself kind of on a crossroads regarding setting direction and goals for my future in work (career) area.  On one hand, in the last 7 years I have graduated at a Law university, got my masters degree in law and done a 2 year internship at a law office in my city.  Currently I am not working.  If I continue to go down that path (for which I studied and have done my internship) my next move would be either to study for the bar exam and look for a job while I study and after I pass that exam, and to pursue a career in law.  I don’t know if I want to do that and I’m not sure if I see myself doing well and being fulfilled in that type of career.  I actually am not sure if I see myself in any career in the long run.  It’s hard for me to imagine a long term career vision.

On the other hand in my spare time I find myself leaning towards the self-development world, coaching and learning about all those things, so I’ve kind of had an idea to pursue creating a business and doing coaching among other things as my career or working for someone as a coach.  Right now I am not certified and have very little experience in coaching others.  I’m a beginner at helping others using coaching tools, and am not sure if it would be a good fit for me.  Am I just delusional and looking for a career to make me fulfilled and happy rather than stick with law and develop the skills I need there first?  I feel torn and stuck in indecision for some time now.

I was also considering doing both parallel for a year or two until I have more clarity on what to choose, but then these thoughts of wasting my time and being indecisive yet again come up.  I don’t know where to start to unpack this, how to decide between the two, and how to be ok with either decision I make and stick to it without second guessing my choice.  Besides that, I have 2 conflicting thoughts:  1) Just decide and do something because you’re wasting your time.  2) Don’t rush this, it’s an important decision and you need to think it through and be sure.

One thing I found out during 1 on 1 coaching is that I said I thought I would be happier and more proud of myself if I went in the direction of coaching, creating an online business (or do a similar thing, like work part time as a coach for someone and create a business on the side) than to stay on the path I set for myself years ago in law.  But then I remembered that I cannot expect a job or career to make me feel anything, so I am right back to square one and believing that I cannot expect my career choice or any job to make me happy, proud etc.

I could really use some help with this.  I think I’m running in circles and getting even more indecisive which makes me feel worse and doesn’t lead anywhere useful or good.