Deciding to believe a new thought (On getting married at 55)

Hi Brooke – Happy New Year!

I need help with a model – I am very action oriented and need help with either actions or results.

Default thought
C: getting married at 55
T: God means for me to be single
F: Sad
A: Retreat
R: Remain single

T: God means for me to be married
F: at peace
A: Believe that I can be in a thriving marriage at 55
R: Belief

I cycle around just getting to believing that this is possible. I can approach finding a partner like it’s my job, but my past has presented itself that I pick the wrong men, unavailable men. I wake up sad most all mornings since my most recent breakup and have spiraled that I am not meant to be married. I want to believe, but my brain is so fighting this. Perhaps I need bridging thoughts.