Deciding from a clean thought space

I purchased a program to help me with an aspect of my business a while back. I haven’t tackled the course yet but have lifetime access and updates to it. There’s also an accompanying FB group that I follow.

This course creator is shifting models to a monthly membership and closing down the FB group that accompanies the program I bought and other programs. They state it’s so they have more time to focus on coaching members who want more hands-on help.

No problem there.

But I didn’t like how the transition was handled. To me, it felt very abrupt and lacking consideration for those of us who had previously purchased the program. It also felt dishonest to me because there was a push to sell the standalone program just 1-2 weeks before the announcement (and with the existing FB group component touted as a benefit), but that program is included with the new membership program.

I also didn’t like the way the course creator handled George Flloyd’s death at the time and the discussions that arose from that in the FB group. I think the controversy it created is a factor that contributed to this decision to close the group, though this wasn’t stated outright. But the reasons given for the group closure in the emails seem to relate and to me, they were worded in an uncompassionate and blameful way.

But here’s the thing. Those are all just my thoughts. And in fact, some people are thrilled with the switch. I do think the program I have is valuable and I do think this new coaching program will be valuable. I’ve considered joining because of that, but I don’t like the above and I sometimes don’t like the creator’s teaching philosophy.

So, I think I like my reasons for not joining this new program, but I wanted to see if there’s somewhere that I need to clean up my thinking first?

I’m learning how to apply the concepts taught here in SCS to my life, so I value any input.