Deciding on 25 Actions/Attempted Fails

Hi, it’s challenging coming up with 25 possible fails for my impossible goal of starting my own freelance writing business.
I’ve got the obvious apply for jobs.
Decide on a niche. (this is tough because my one freelance job is writing uplifting stories about summer vacations past and present, people’s childhood memories, real human interest type stuff as well as editing other writers for a seaside paper. It’s all related to the small town. Not sure what niche that falls under but I love the job!)
Update my website, create a Facebook page, build an online portfolio (after figuring out how to build an online portfolio), Update my resume, find a mentor, make contacts….
Can I consider form good habits, better mind management, eliminating buffering, daily self coaching and showing up as my authentic self different things? They all feel like separate challenges to me with their own success and failure rates.
Any other ideas you can help me come up with are greatly appreciated!
As always, thank you! I’m freaked out and excited about my Impossible Goal, but I know when I start taking action, things will fall into place in exactly the right time and in way they’re supposed to.