Deciding where to go for vacation

Whenever I think about taking a vacation, I get really nervous. I think about missing work and what that would mean. I also worry about leaving work behind mentally. Also, when I think of the list of places I want to go, it’s so long and I worry about spending all of my money traveling, and still not being able to see everything that I want to see. I worry about picking things to see. The whole process seems so overwhelming that I don’t ever go anywhere too far for vacation. This is weird to me because in the past, I never had this issue. I’ve taken a lot of vacations and didn’t regret anything I did or didn’t do.

C: Deciding where to go for vacation
T: I don’t even know how to decide
F: Overwhelmed
A: Look at itineraries, don’t book flight tickets, decide on a staycation, tell myself I shouldn’t be taking a vacation, worry about what I’ll do when I get to my destination, worry that I won’t get to see everything I want to see
R: End up not doing anything or seeing anything I want to see