Deciding who you are (or are not)

I have read questions and answers here where the action is to decide that you’re worthy or decide that you’re lovable. That sounds fantastic, but I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen next. I’ve been watching How to Feel Better (P.S. it’s AWESOME, love the participants and all the coaching) and had my own moment where I decided that I will no longer think that I’m not confident or not articulate. It’s just not an option anymore. It doesn’t serve me at all, yet I’d been choosing to think it and to believe it about myself. I was waiting for different results to prove that thought wasn’t true. What really hit me like a ton of bricks was that it was all me – I was choosing to think that about myself and creating those unwanted results. So I can just stop it. Is that really true? That’s crazy! I know intellectually that this is what all this work is about, but it’s still crazy! And pretty f-ing exciting…. Right now, it feels pretty clear and obvious in my mind, but I’m wondering what’s next to support a decision like that. Thank you so much!