Decision about my quitting my job

Okay so I had conversation with the management team about my decision of job leave.
Now I feel so bad. They were so nice and supportive and wanted to make sure that I made the right decision. I quit my job to pursue a new career but I havent got the new opportunity yet.

I feel so bad because I shouldn’t have left my job. I feel like I would miss all my team members so much. They were so supportive. Now I feel like I will miss them.

Now the decision has already been made. I already sent the resignation letter. I feel so scared and nervous about what will I do in the coming days forward. I do have plans of what I want to do and how I want to create clients in my coaching business but so scared if it won’t work out in the timeframe that I thought I would achieve. I am scared that I might not have the opportunity because of the corona thing that is going around.

I feel so bad right now. I will miss my job so much and my team members. I am not ready yet for a change. Now I will have to do business thing all alone by myself. SO scary. I haven’t made any money yet from my business so I am scared that I won’t have any money.

I feel ashamed and so heartbroken.