Decision about whether or not to file bankruptcy “bankruptcy is an option” thought

I’m nearly $70,000 in debt (C)
Bankruptcy is an option (T)/this is my debt (T2) I need to pay it all back (T3)
Relief (F)/Overwhelmed (F2) Defeated/Exhausted (F3)
Researching impact (A)/Working a lot of side hustles to pay bills, covering the minimum (A2 & 3)
More informed (R1), bills are paid not working many hours on things that aren’t my business (R2/3)

I feel so relieved when I think the thought bankruptcy is an option. I’m having a hard time making a decision because of my conflicting thoughts. I have a new service offering that I really truly believe in the long run would earn enough to pay this debt. I am also willing to overcome Any consequences from filing bankruptcy. That said, as you can see I have conflicting thoughts about bankruptcy. How do we work through conflicting thoughts like this?