Decision Indecision

Hi, Brooke! I have made a big decision about an action I want to take, but I have not yet worked out the when and how this change is going to take place.

I realized this morning that my brain is driving me CRAZY about this, telling me I need to take action NOW, that I’ll be out of alignment with my highest self until I do, etc. etc. This impatience about taking action has made the decision that much more difficult. My calm self is telling me that things will unfold, but some other part of my brain is bouncing off the walls. (Another way to interpret that is that my afraid self is avoiding action, but my adult brain is telling me what I need to do?)

Here are my models:
C: decision made but not yet implemented
T: I have to take care of this NOW
F: confusion
A: paralysis, internal war
R: no action taken

C: decision made, not yet implemented
T: I can allow all this to unfold in its own time
F: trust
A: take steps as they open up (write email)
R: wait for response, allow all feelings as they occur

Note that I’m running both these models simultaneously, and having a difficult time sorting out which one is actually coming from my adult brain.