decision making!

I have two options on my mind about where I want to live.  I’m finding it difficult to make a decision because I have truly been able to feel the 50/50 concept in my bones!!!  I also know that there are no such thing as bad decisions.  Additionally, I don’t feel like I’m running from or towards an emotion with this decision which has been a problem for me in the past.

I like all my different reasons to live in each place.  I dislike some of my reasons too.  I truly feel in the middle!  Both locations suck and both are awesome in their own unique and special ways.  I will say one option has me thinking automatic thoughts that feel more “responsible” and the other has me thinking automatic thoughts that feel more “fun”.  But I also know that each option could and would feel both responsible AND fun with a little bit of thought work.  Just pick one and move forward?