Decision making

I remember Brooke saying that when you have a decision to make, you must imagine the best-case scenario for each side and then make the decision. Could you help me with how to apply it to the current decision I want to make?
I am a breastfeeding mother and I need to decide whether to have the covid vaccine tomorrow (I have an appointment booked for it).

My thoughts around it are “There isn’t enough data, yet” “This could have a negative impact on my baby in the future” “This could have a negative impact on my body in the future”, “This could affect my fertility” which makes me feel scared, worried, reluctant. On the other hand, I justify that it is better than the alternative of contracting the virus.

My family will be travelling internationally in seven weeks as we are moving back to our home country, so I think “Getting the vaccine is the right thing to do” but “it doesn’t feel like the right thing for me.”

I have lots of conflicting thoughts and have spent time researching the medical advice which states that BF women can either choose to get the vaccine or wait until there is more information on the vaccine with breastfeeding.

How would I apply Brooke’s decision-making approach to this scenario? At the moment, I am just lingering in indecisiveness and it doesn’t feel good!