Decision making

I’m struggling with a concept of decision making. For a decision about whether to change career, I understand the concept that there is no ‘right’ decision. I can manage my mind and be happy either way. But if that’s true, why would I ever make a decision to change my job? What is a useful / valid reason if I can manage my mind either way?
I know the concept is that, with a managed mind, you then make a decision based on what you ‘want’ to do (rather than based on escaping a negative emotion), but isn’t everything that we ‘want’ to do, just driven by a desire to feel something?

Perhaps we want a job that earns more money, because we want to feel secure, or we choose a job with different types of work because we want to feel more enthusiastic etc. But if you could manage your mind to feel happy, secure and enthusiastic with the job you have, why change? I’m struggling to think of a reason to make a change that doesn’t have anything to do with trying to change the way I feel.