Decision Making Model

My peer CCP client was wondering about several thoughts: ” Why can’t I make a decision? What is it exactly that I need to know or do to make a decision? I question all my decisions? Why is it so difficult for me to make a decision? I should make a decision.” She told me the story about her two homes, both beautiful and the pros and cons for both including finances, family, and and other personal considerations she had about her homes. The model I established was:

C: Two beautiful homes. (probably need to remove beautiful)
T: I can’t make a decision.
F: torn
A: “talk about it to everybody”, analyze all the pros and cons, think about timing the housing market if I want to sell one of them, not make a decision,
continue to ruminate on my inability to not make a decision
R: Continue to think that I cant make decisions.

My questions are: Did I choose the right circumstance or should it have been on about her thoughts? What about results?

The session did go well because we discussed examples of all the decisions she has made in the past and decided that the decision for now was to keep and live in both houses until December then reevaluate.