After seven months in scholars and working really really hard with the coaches I think the root of my slow progress (though real progress has happened!) is my inability to commit to decisions. I COMPLETELY believe that there is a right and wrong decision to be made, and it is my responsibility to study the problem and options until I make the correct decision. When a problem doesn’t have a right/wrong answer (simple things like the color of something trivial to buy) I can get so overwhelmed I will just not make the decision. If the problem is not simple or trivial but vital I will obsess over finding the right answer. And if I can’t figure it out, I’ll sabotage myself.

This is why Monday Hour One is so hard for me. I don’t feel like I’m making the “right” decisions when I put my calendar together, so then I don’t follow it or allow others to distract me because — well, it wasn’t “correct” to begin with.

I’m going through the Decisions workbook but I can’t name 6 Impactful Decisions that were good decisions/outcomes. I can easily name a dozen negative ones. Can I use negative ones to complete the workbook?