Hi Brooke, as I am becoming more familiar with being aware of myself, I’ve noticed I do some interesting things when I try to make a decision. Today I went into work and was planning on leaving early to get some things done. I couldn’t decide between running errands, meeting a friend for coffee, or heading back home to spend time with my niece and nephew. I even got so worked up about it that I needed to call my boyfriend to talk it through. As all of this was going on, he noticed and I noticed I was starting to get emotional about it (even though I was trying to tell him I was doing okay). I’m trying not to judge myself, but my mind wants to say “They aren’t that big of a deal!” I get emotional a lot when I put myself in a place of overwhelm- which I do quite often. I know I need to start setting priorities in my life to just help give me clarity, but I am struggling on where to start. I am also struggling with pinpointing the thought in this reoccurring pattern- maybe the overwhelm? Possible thoughts – I want to go home to spend time with my niece and nephew because I miss them. If I go home, I won’t get some of my errands done and that will leave me more stressed later this week. I already turned down my friend for coffee another time, she is going to be annoyed I am going to turn her down again. Lastly, I almost considered running errands, meeting my friend for coffee, and then spending time with my niece and nephew until I realized it was too much. I do this to myself ALOT. Is this a priorities issue or overwhelming thoughts issue?