Hi Brooke!
I have just started my business (a couple months in) when an old firm that I worked at called me up out of the blue and offered me a position. They basically said it’s hard to find good talent so just let them know what I’d love to do and they would create a role for me. OMG!

I feel like even though I committed 100% to my business when I started, now I have new information that needs to be considered carefully. But is this just fear (that my business won’t work)?

I imagine you in your business. If someone offered you an amazing position right now but you had to go back to working for yourself, I don’t think you would consider it. However, my “thought” is that you might if it were in the initial stages of your business and there was less evidence of your success? I guess I’m still waiting for evidence that this is the right path for me. I mean, I wasn’t in the position a few weeks ago and thought I was committed; but now that I have new information, it is bringing up doubt and also excitement because the position seems intriguing.

Should I ignore it or consider it an option? How do you stay committed with your decisions but also know when to re-evaluate?