Please help…. So I have had a repetitive theme in my life about indulging in indecision and overwhelm. I feel like since I started the program I have mostly eliminated overwhelm. I still spent so much time being afraid of making the wrong decision. Right now I have sat in indecision about something I was supposed to do tonight.

I have so much to do amd instead i notice myself felling like a hamster on the wheel not making progress.
Its like I dont trust myself to know what to do.

Heres a crack at intentional thought model
C decisions/lots to do
T whatever I choose I will decide it is the right decision
F relaxed and just in action
A get stuff done blow my mind with my results toward my goal
R body where I want it house in order and progress in my biz

Fine lol
But still can you speak to feeling like I can choose wrong, make the wrong decision. Lose out, consequences

Thank you