Decisions and Uncertainty

Hi coaches.

I have some confusion around uncertainty and decisions that I discussed privately in a 1-1 session but I am still not clear about. So it is rather related to the feeling of uncertainty. I feel uncertain when I “feel like I need to do something” in front of some circumstance in the world, but I have no clarity about what action is the loving action. So somehow it seems to me that “I need to take a decision” is what opens up for a feeling of uncertainty, because I would not feel uncertainty if I were not putting myself in front of a decision.

At the same time it seems like when I am feeling uncertainty I do not want to have this feeling going around for too long so “I need to take a decision” to move beyond it. So it seems to me like a decision is both “upstream” in the model, both “downstream” as an action that we tend to see as the “cure” for uncertainty.

Now related to this last ordering. I can have:
In this situation I am trying to use my decision as a way to solve for uncertainty, with the result that I have a decision taken written on a piece of paper but I am not emotionally supporting it and I am finding myself doubting it.

How do we create certainty or clarity then? Is it something like the following?
T: I want to make a decision
F: determined
A: pick an option

The reason behind all of this is that often I find myself having taken a decision, remaining in doubt afterwards and trying to commit (“because it is important to commit to the decisions taken”) to it but all at the mental level, like if I were trying to plaster certainty a posteriori over a decision that was not strongly supported by a feeling of decisive. I’d be very glad if you could help me understand this, thanks!