DECLUTTER PROGRAM – Calendar scheduling, Thought Dump + Monday Hour

Hello, excited to hear Brooke live coaching on 30 day decluttering. Wow, this is a lot. I’m to watch all videos, listen to podcasts and do worksheets, decide if I plan/do Monday hour to declutter mind before tackling a room which I need to take everything out, buy clear jars for pretty healthy food display and dump draining relationships while picking up the pet’s toys and other time wasting energy suckers…I’m exhausted thinking I don’t know how to begin all this in what step?

Can I self coach myself with this day one or take bite size doable action? I’m not prepared for a clutter coach as this course feels like a full time job and I’m juggling work and I’m not sure where to start…? Rather, how to feel empowered rather than overwhelm here.

C- Declutter program happened
T- How can I do all this myself?
F- Helpless
A- Freeze, sneer, compare, plot to overeat
R- Scramble imperfectly trying to cram info in instead of review material about being interviewed live today (versos, buffering)

Intentional model

C- Declutter program happened
T- I’m alert and engaged, willingness, respect
F- Optimistic
A- Download all the material, look at clock, focus on time management, write this model and question, grateful I can see how hungry I am
R- Eat lunch outside, take it easy and trust the universe