Decluttering and Developing a Minimalist Mindset

I would love to arrive at a state where my house is uncluttered and we only keep useful things or things that bring joy. We have some rooms like that, and those are the rooms we tend to gravitate to. There’s a couple of rooms that we avoid because they are full of stuff. It feels overwhelming when I enter one of them to find something I need, or when I want to use the room for what it’s designed.

I’m currently working on weight loss for September’s project, and see some parallels to that and having an uncluttered home. Sometimes we want to lose weight fast, but we have to do the brain work to make sure it’s lasting. Similarly, it seems to me that simply purging everything without doing thought work (e.g., hiring someone to clean up your stuff, etc.) would not teach me how to make that a sustainable and life-long change unless there’s some brain work done on it.

Other than Marie Kondo’s work, I haven’t seen anything that deals with the mind aspect of dealing with clutter (and even with Kondo, it’s more about getting in touch with feelings/”sparking joy”). Does Brooke have, or plan on doing, any courses that would deal with this kind of issue? I’m sure I can’t be the only one wanting to work on this in a sustained fashion, so wondered if there’s anything specific on this topic (like there is for overeating, overdrinking, money)? Maybe a course on how to become minimalist will be in SCS’s future? 🙂

If not, just go ahead and coach me here on where I can start. Thanks!