Decluttering Books As A Result of New Thoughts

I focused this week on decluttering my books as well as home office cabinet.
I found that I have 127 books about writing and tons of notebooks from writing seminars, online courses, and notes taken from those books I’ve read.
The underlying thought was ‘I’m a struggling author, I better buy more books about writing and keep every posssible note about it, or else, I will never figure it out.’

What a thought error of self doubt and disbelief.

I donated ALL of those books, cleared up the shelves and suddenly I felt like I can breathe.
I got rid of all the notes I took and all the summaries and decided to think that I have already accumulated all the knowledge I can get in order to write the best novel I could write. Now it’s time to do the actual work.
An empty bookcase. An empty cabinet. An empty desk. And a white screen, waiting to be filled with my own generated ideas.