Decluttering Workshop

I recently listened to the replay of the decluttering workshop and did the exercises mentioned in the call. I made a list of all the things I wanted to let go of and decided to focus on letting go of my buffering related to online shopping. Online shopping for me isn’t in itself buffering when it’s planned and intentional. But when it’s not intentional, it’s a net negative. It doesn’t serve me. It robs me of time and money and drains my brain energy when I’m actually doing the shopping. In the long term, the unintentional purchases often add to the physical clutter and drain me emotionally due to the regret and guilt I feel around those impulsive purchases.

I have used Scholars and coaching to address my weight goals and I decided the best way for me to let go of this buffering is to use the same concepts and tools. So here’s what I’m planning to do:

Make a shopping protocol 24 hours ahead of time using my prefrontal cortex. During this time I will decide if there’s an item I need or want and reflect on whether I like my reason for wanting to purchase it and whether it’s a good use of my money and produces a net positive result for my life.

Then I will put it as a “to do” in my calendar with a time limit. If the urge arises for impulse shopping, I can use models and the urge jar to allow and process the urge. Is there anything that you would suggest I think about or any other tools from the overeating course do you think I’m overlooking but might be able to leverage here?