Hi Brooke,

I am moving to another apartment in one month and for the occasion decided it would be best to declutter, mainly clothes and shoes, and after an entire weekend, sent my cleaning lady in a taxi (!) because she couldn’t carry with her 15 huge bags of items.
That was a month ago.
Without my permission, my mind went totally unconscious and yesterday I am looking at my couch, on which piles of new clothes are folded, and asked myself, ‘When did all these things came? Weren’t we into downsizing and going capsule wardrobe?’

I guess when it comes to shopping, it’s like with food, when one can say – ‘well, one have to wear something’ just like we say – ‘well, you can’t not eat’ but of course, I overshopped and am having a messy closet just as before, only with new items.

Also, I must say that I noticed that I went on this shopping tour only since I started following accounts on Instagram of fashion bloggers.
Do you think it has to do with that?
Will this issue be addressed on our upcoming October work?