Defensive to Husband

I find every time my husband and I talk about coaching, I eventually get defensive. I know he doesn’t necessarily “get it” or share my level of enthusiasm for this industry, but he is usually quite supportive so I find it frustrating. I know he doesn’t need to love my coaching business, but I also know that this defensiveness is a reflection of how I feel too on some level. Ie. suggesting people like Tony Robbins may be doing way more damage than good and how unqualified people shouldn’t be messing with other people’s mental health, etc.

I think on some level it does bother me that there is no real quantifiable coaching parameter that ensures people aren’t taking advantage of others. I coach based on my own interpretation of what I think will help someone. Who is to say that is a good compass to be running a session by?

C: husband says something about the industry
T: he thinks coaching is a scam/illegitimate in some way
F: defensive
A: argue/question coaching
R: feeling confused about why I can’t seem to properly make my case, makes me question being part of the coaching industry, makes me want to get a mental health qualification even though I’d rather coach

I also haven’t felt like I’ve been able to create outstanding results yet where I could point to exactly how and why I’m so obsessed with this work.