Hello, I was wondering if I could have help seeing the result in my model?

C – Dad says- Amy and Ben felt snubbed that you didn’t come to dinner when you made the comment you would.
T- (initial thought) I never said I was going to dinner with everyone.
F- Defensive
A- keep asking questions, not come from a place of understanding, argue about how I was in the right

I asked myself so what? So what if I did say something about going to dinner and didn’t? My thought is that it’s really hard to honor both groups when plans aren’t made a head of time. I’m caught in the middle. I wanted to honor my family and my fiancé plus our friends and I couldn’t. (Situation was my family wanted to go out to dinner and we had made plans with friends to go out to dinner too after I was done singing at mass).

So I can just have compassion for myself that it’s okay that I was trying to please both groups and sometimes it won’t work out right? I’m not caught in the middle. I can love both groups and myself. People can be disappointed and that’s okay. I guess I also didn’t want to disappoint anyone too. My next thought is how I can avoid this in the future? Make plans ahead of time right? Thank you!!