Defining my Niche – meet Becky

Hi Brooke – Do you find this narrow and defined enough with a clear “pay-worthy” pain point?

I help smart, creative, accomplished women who have trouble finishing projects (without something external forcing them to) manage their mind and time so they maintain focus and take motivated action all the way to completion status.

Women just like 40 year-old BECKY who had projects and dreams but felt emotionally allergic to highly structured time management systems and task apps, as well as the motivational messages online to “hustle” and “slay” all day.

The dreams Becky had that she occasionally dabbled in (like writing that book and self-publishing it) just weren’t coming to fruition, and she’d begun to doubt they ever would.

Her inability to finish things unless or until forced was hindering her personally and professionally. She was upset with herself that she wasn’t following through on her dreams, and she felt like time was running out.

Becky has a track record of getting some pretty spectacular stuff done, often impressing others with her work. But getting it done reliably, repeatedly was hard for her. And it took a toll on those around her as well.

She’d typically meet a deadline like she’s sliding into home plate – it was messy, chaotic, down to the wire, left a skid mark – but usually she’d score. Meanwhile, her home or office has been left in disarray, she’s been losing sleep, and she hasn’t eaten well for days. She had whiplash once it’s over.

This was exhausting and not sustainable – she’d wind up needing long recovery times during which she was barely productive at all after that big push. In fact, last year Becky was told she had adrenal fatigue as a result of her cycles of stress.

But she’d tried time management technique stuff before and could never stick with it – mainly because she finds schedules frustrating, especially if forced to follow a strict one.

Those calendar planners that have each day broken down into 30 minute increments make Becky shudder. She is a natural idea-generator who enjoys exploring possibilities and loves following her muse. She hates feeling boxed in, or like her options are being shut down.

Becky often put a lot on her plate, and she intended to get it all done eventually – she just wished she had a less painful, more reliable process for that. She longs for the ability to keep herself focused and on track, instead of detouring into self-doubt, procrastination, overwhelm, or a totally new project.

There are so many un-started ideas and unfinished projects in Becky’s mind, home, office, and laptop that she no longer trusts herself to do what she intends to do.

So my ideal client is, like Becky, a smart, talented woman who believes she could do it, but she no longer has confidence that she WILL do it. Especially with no external deadline or driver forcing her to completion.

What is the problem they will pay for help with?

Getting her project DONE.

Getting over inertia and her usual blocks, and generating the confidence and sticktoitiveness to carry her through to completion.

She wants to feel supported, and like someone is “in it with her.” She wants help generating the focus and discipline necessary to finish this thing.

But she doesn’t want to feel forced to complete things (even though she responds to that with action, she hates that feeling). She wants to feel excited and motivated to complete them. So she needs a method of time and mind management that works for her, and feels empowering rather than restricting.

What solution do I offer?

Through “Projectivity” coaching, we work together on a project of her choice. I teach her a personalized method of time, motivation and mind management so she can create and maintain momentum on her project, get stuff done, and trust herself again to finish what she is working on. Best of all, this method feels totally empowering rather than restrictive to her. The result: Her confidence soars, her productivity soars, her process is sustainable, she finishes her project and the world starts feeling like her oyster again. And she doesn’t even have to “slay all day.”