Defining Purpose

Hi Brooke,

I need some help with defining my purpose. I understand a purpose isn’t WHAT I want to be but more so WHO I want to be. I also understand that our purpose doesn’t have to serve other people for it to deem significant but I’m having a hard time with that and categorizing all my values to fall under a sentence. All my life I’ve had the pressure from society and my culture of what it means to be a successful woman which I’ve rebelled against and I’m coming out of that and trying to figure out who I really am and what I care about / want. I love being single (unmarried but I have a long term boyfriend), I love having my own life, money, success and being able to travel the world – I see my life as one big adventure filled with creativity and curiosity and that’s what I want my life to be. I also want to live a creative life as a photographer capturing my adventures and sharing my stories. However they both don’t seem important enough to me for some reason (even though this is up to me) and I have a few things I want to fit into this these two buckets of adventure and creativity that don’t fit such as my values of being there for my sisters, climbing the corporate ladder and saving for a sabbatical, etc.

Can you provide me feedback on my purpose statements:

1. I accept that I am enough by being created, born and here; I have everything I need to achieve my dreams.
2. I want to live an adventurous life by leading my life with curiosity and creativity.
3. My reason is because I want have a fun life experiencing new things, places and lifestyle.

Thank you!