Defining Success In Weight Loss

I have been a scholar for 4.5 years and have lost and gained back about 40 pounds each time over these years.
I have watched every possible coaching call, webinar, course and masterclass offered here and also know exactly what protocol gives me weight loss results.

I set myself a goal to lose these 40 pounds for the last time by the end of this year and I know from experience that if I remove flour, sugar, dairy and grains as well as do intermittent fasting, I get incredible results.

I was planning to start on October 1st and everyday early in the morning I order several pastries and coffee and lunch and dinner and overeat.

This past week created doubtful thoughts in my mind about my ability to get back on the protocol and allow urges.
My brain clearly insists that I am failing miserably and the thoughts and cravings to overeat don’t stop.

I was trying to wonder about the idea if I could believe that I am actually not failing by perhaps defining what success is for me in weight loss.

The obvious things that define success for me are results – my weight – and so in that sense I am failing because I keep gaining more and more weight.
Also, I don’t follow a protocol that will give me slim body results, I don’t process urges, and I overeat.

What would you suggest I will play with in terms of my mindset in order to see it as a success or should I even try?