Deleting Thoughts vs. New Models

Hi Brooke,

I am wondering about the difference between deleting thoughts we don’t like and doing a new model. How are they different? If I understand, deleting thoughts does not accept them as being there and instead being like ‘nope, don’t like that one, not gonna look at it’ and doing a model on it actually looks directly at the thought that we don’t like or isn’t serving us and seeing how it’s impacting our lives. And then from there, we decide what we’re going to practice thinking instead to get the results/feelings we want. Is that right?

Also, when next year starts, is the content and topics going to be the ones that you did this past year? I guess what I’m trying to ask is does it make sense to buy previous months materials or wait if it’s going to be released again? Also, this is my first month and I’m loving it. Do these Ask Brooke questions get archived so we can come back and look at previous months questions and answers? Thanks so much.