I am having issues with the Surgery Scheduling Department in my office. I had two schedulers. I knew one was for sure an issue so I weeded her out. I promoted someone who I thought was up for the challenge and who has been very vocal about “career advancement”. I was not sure about the remaining scheduler so I adopted a wait and see policy. It’s been almost 60 days and it’s becoming clear that I need to do an overhaul. The remaining person is not up to my standards and the new employee seems to crack under the slightest pressure. I’m angry. I was the original scheduler for this company so I know the job isn’t hard. I never had issues like these when I did it. But on the other hand, this is part of running a business and it’s to be expected. It’s not the end of the world for sure.

C the department of surgery
T That department is a fucking mess
F Angry
A Spin, complain to my assistant manager, write people up, lose sleep, stew
R I’m a fucking mess

C the department of surgery
T I can address and fix the issues
F Confident
A prepare an action list, cross train another employee to fill in, have weekly accountability meetings, restrain myself, look for new people,
R I have a plan for addressing and fixing the issues