Departure from Scholars

My last day in Scholars will be 6.30. I’ve made the decision to focus on my physical health. I’m hoping in time my physical health will get better, I have an upcoming MRI of my spine. I’ve also made the decision to take a leave of absence from my job.

I’m not going to lie that leaving scholars and taking a leave of absence from my job were hard decisions to make. However, I truly want my physical health to improve so I can spend time with friends and family doing things we both enjoy like walking, hiking, paddle boarding, running, and biking.

I am truly sad to leave scholars. This sadness really hit me hard today and I asked myself why I am sad today. The thought that came to mind first was ‘I’m going miss being coached’. The coaches have shined light on areas of my models that I couldn’t see and I’m truly thankful for how they have held space for me regardless of the topic I brought to discuss.

It wouldn’t be fair to continue even with the great coaches since I was finding that I wasn’t putting much time and commitment into reaching goals as I did in the first year. I hope in a years time I’ll be in a better place physically so I can rejoin and commit to reaching my impossible goal of $88k. Right now my body needs rest.

This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a see you later.