dependence on parents’ money

I have spent a huge chunk of my inheritance on my education and living expenses over the last year. They have both died and I am free to do whatever with the money, but I feel guilty for not just putting it all into a retirement fund and making my own money. They valued education highly so I know they wouldn’t be completely disappointed but I feel like I should be making my own money now but I keep feeling “stuck”. I think there are other issues as well but trying to focus on this one right now. Here are my models:

C – Money I inherited from my parents
T – I’m weak for being dependent on it
F – Inadequate
A – Procrastinate (things that may move me forward financially), buffer, pretend I don’t know or am not capable of figuring out how to get money
R – Weakness

C – same
T – I have spent and will spend it on things that will benefit me in the future
F – Empowered
A – Try new things, do the financial things on my list
R- Be and feel accomplished, use the work I do in my coaching with clients, become financially independent and abundant

I have not really tried out this intentional model yet so not sure it will work, but any help cleaning up the lines is appreciated or any other advice. The money will run out pretty soon so that looms over me as well, but doesn’t really seem to completely motivate me to do the things. Lots of frustrations, but also probably excuses.

Tough love is appreciated if necessary!
Thank you!