Depending on my husband’s mood

Lately, as a couple, we are going through a period of crisis (we love each other very much, but we argue a lot and question things), I realize that my happiness and serenity – or on the contrary my anxiety and sadness – depend totally on my husband’s mood and the “weather” of our relationship.
In a way, I tell myself that this is logical and normal, and in another way, because I’ve been at the Scholars for a few months now and I’m discovering a lot of things, I tell myself that no, my happiness shouldn’t depend so much on that… Cause that’s a “C” 🙂 But it’s really hard to put that knowledge in motion.
I hope you know what I mean. I’m trying to work on models to make me more independent (and not to copy my mood and my happiness totally on the state of our relationship hour by hour), but I realize that I’m not doing it well.
I will make this the subject of my next coaching call, but if you have any ideas to give me, it would be very helpful 🙂
Thanks for everything!!!