My Depressed Husband (2)

Thank you for answering my question on how to view my husbands depression.

I decided to take your advice and figure out a new model based on how I want to feel about it. This is what I came up with. (after a ton of crying and sobbing I must add)

C: Josh’s view on life and how see sees things.
T: If this is how he wants to show up then that is his choice.
F: accepting
A: does my absolute best everyday to not let myself be affected by him so I can keep going (this takes effort even though I’m practicing this new thought)
R: I don’t let his depression define me, our marriage, or our future ahead of us.

I’m doing my very best, but I think this is how you want me to look at it. I will admit this does feel better within me, or at least my feelings aren’t so sad all the time.

Is this correct?

Thank you so much.