depression 2

Thank you so much for your answer. This is eye-opening.
I feel “depressed” (as a heavy hole in my chest) but I’m still functioning, I can work, etc, do all the things. I may be a little less efficient and a bit more irritable but it’s really manageable. I think I’m just sad (choose to be sad) because I think some things are not the way I want them to be right now. I think I don’t need therapy (had some in the past) right now, but would consider it if the “depression” get worse.

My intentional models for today. I’d like to implement what you said, which is awesome.

C I feel a heavy hole in my chest
T Life is 50/50
F acceptance
A observe the feeling, describe it, name it, observe my thoughts, collect evidences that life is 50/50
R I accept reality and decrease the portion of overall negative emotions

C I feel a heavy hole in my chest
T How can I love myself today
F open
A don’t judge myself, accept my way of doing things, manage my brain, take time off, prepare a cup of tea
R I create a nice day in this circumstance