I have depression and PTSD (diagnosed by a psychiatrist, not self diagnosed). I have had reasonable success dealing with these things with meds/therapy over the years. That said, the current world situation has begun to weigh on me and my usual methods of coping don’t feel very successful.

Actually as I wrote that, the thought crossed my mind “and that’s okay. Pandemic. Lost wages. Long-distance gf quite ill
(covid test will return by end of week and then we’ll know, hopefully) – of course you have some emotions around this! andddddd… you told yourself you were willing to have unpleasant emotions as part of being a human being.” And… I’m remembering Brooke saying many times “you don’t WANT to be happy all the time, happy when bad things happen”. Hmm. So the thought that keeps crossing my mind “you shouldn’t be depressed”, might just be putting more pressure on myself. Not a helpful thought.

So maybe I’ve answered my own question here, just by writing it out! That said, feedback on my model appreciated, as always. Maybe I should focus on the A line – and let that be sitting with those emotions.

C: There are hard things happening
T: I don’t know how to fix any of this
F: Depressed
A: Buffer on my phone, shop for yarn on the internet, start projects randomly, avoid housework, indulge in worrying, eat sweets.
R: I feel up and down emotionally, don’t get things done, waste money, eat things I shouldn’t….