Depression and creating value

I’ve had a lot of problems this year with anxiety and depression. It has been debilitating at times and I’m not always showing up consistently. I have had diagnoses of both anxiety disorder and depressive episodes as well as being on the autism spectrum, but I feel that aspect is pretty well managed when the anxiety and depression is not there.

Because I’ve been struggling, a lot of my goals have been falling by the wayside. I still pick them up when I’m feeling well, but when I’m not, it feels like I can’t do them. I don’t think I buffer so much as just go to bed when I feel I can’t do them. I do buffer though, around the thought of how I don’t show up regularly and can’t create the results I want in the time I want if a depressive episode knocks me off course.

If I’m responsible for my results and I don’t have the result of a certain amount of money or a new job by a certain time, but I’ve also been in bed for part of that time, is it my thoughts at fault or the mental health issues? Am I being unrealistic with some of my goals?